Women in Leadership – Public Workshop


WHAT if… you built your skills in the areas of negotiation, personal brand, networking and sponsorship to advance your career and the capability of the organization?


If you are a woman seeking to advance, this workshop will equip you with the mindset and skills to lead with confidence. Research shows that women bring unique characteristics and capabilities to the leadership challenges they face. To be successful, organizations need to leverage this diversity of leadership: to improve the quality of decision making, provide inspiration and role modeling, and tap into diverse points of view. In addition, having both women and men in leadership roles helps organizations reflect the customers they serve, giving the perspective needed to increase sales and fuel growth.


As a learner participating in the Women in Leadership workshop, you will gain:


  • An increased understanding of your personal strengths and barriers to being a successful, self-aware and authentic leader;
  • A personal brand statement that reflects a vision of your authentic leadership, including clarity about what engages you at work;
  • Increased skill in having constructive conversation where actions are consistent with your values and aspirations, especially in high stakes situations;
  • A plan to build/enhance your network for greater effectiveness and potential to be sponsored for opportunities within your organization;
  • A toolkit of ways to leverage your strengths, address existing barriers and to recognize and manage gender bias; and
  • An expanded and lasting network of women leaders.


This research-based workshop focuses on the specific needs and capabilities of women—and provides the knowledge and support they need to succeed and contribute added value in their roles as corporate leaders.


Who should attend?


Women leaders at all levels in the organization, as well as women managers who are ready to move into leadership roles.


Register now for the September 30 & October 1, 2015 Women in Leadership Workshop, a two day interactive skill-building program that provide you with an opportunity to network with other senior women leaders.


For $1995 you will experience:


  • 2-Day Interactive Learning Program
  • An Hour of 1-on-1 Coaching within 2 – 6 weeks of completing the program
  • 1-year Access to the P/E Assessment (an on-line career conversation
  • Question Period with a Panel of Senior Women Leaders
  • A Gourmet Dinner in the private dining room with the participants and the panel members in the evening of Day 1 to extend the conversation beyond the panel time.


To register, download the Women in Leadership Brochure and Registration Form


For inquiries, please contact us at:


Telephone : 613-729-1111
Email: Michele@innovativefacilitation.com

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