It begins with an “I“. Leadership is about self-awareness – where I am, where Iwant to go and how I am going to get there. A Mastery Path. As a leader you cast a wide shadow. You are the one people talk about when they go home at night. You hold the key to increasing or decreasing engagement, passion and confidence in the performance of your team and the organization. Innovative Facilitation creates and facilitates customized leadership development programs for organizations that are passionate about developing their people. Success in an organization can be driven not by the number of conversations but rather the quality of conversations leaders are having with their teams, their peers, and their clients. We believe the responsibility of a leader is to inspire performance – one conversation at a time.


Innovative Facilitation’s programs drive ownership and accountability. Our programs result in motivated and well informed individuals and teams who are better equipped to unleash and reach their full potential to strengthen organizational performance. We leverage your investment in learning by linking individual and team performance to your business reality to inspire, enhance and sustain performance. Our programs are built on three foundational principles for learning:


Interactive refers to learning experiences that engage the learner intellectually, physically and emotionally. Innovative Facilitation designs and facilitates learning programs using simulations, games and ‘joltz’ to engage both the hearts and minds of learners.


To enhance performance, we ensure learners have both the time to practice the behaviors associated with the learning, as well as the opportunity to transition the learning to their work reality. Innovative Facilitation designs interactivity and reinforcement into all of our programs.


Being innovative requires acting on ones ideas with the intention of achieving enhanced performance. We empower learners to act in new ways in order to experience how the learning will lead to success on-the-job. When individuals fail to be innovative, it is usually because either their ideas are stifled or they believe they are limited in their ability to take action. Innovative Facilitation designs customized learning programs that both model and unleash innovation.


Being intentional means consciously answering two questions:


  1. What are the desired results? 
  2. What is/are the best course(s) of action to follow to achieve the desired results?


Being intentional enhances the ability to repeat what works and allows for the transfer of knowledge to others. Being clear about the desired end-state steers performance in the right direction. Thinking through the specific behaviors required to get there provides paths for success and future reference. In partnership, we help to clarify your desired learning results and custom design learning paths that will lead to those results. Innovative Facilitation delivers results intentionally.

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