Brookstreet Hotel Corp.



Innovative Facilitation helped our leaders understand the value of their leadership impact and how to create their personal Leadership Brand to bridge the needs of our guests with the actions of our employees.  Since 2003, Innovative Facilitation has worked to understand our unique business needs and design programs and initiatives that drive targeted results.  We can always count on Innovative Facilitation to deliver practical, creative and high impact programs.


Annie Corriveau

Casting & Wellness Director,



“Over the last seven years we, at Brookstreet, have enjoyed a most satisfactory relationship with Innovative Facilitation. Their unwavering cooperation has helped us achieve great success and recognition in the hospitality industry through the ongoing evolution of our leadership programs.”


Patrice S. Basille

Executive Vice-President



“In this industry providing truly great service to our Guests is critical to our success as an organization. Our team members deal with our Guests daily so it is extremely important that they are innovative and share their ideas so we can continue to stay ahead of our competitors in the services we offer. The ‘Unchain Your Brain’ series of programs has really helped our team understand how they contribute to our innovative culture. The program has incorporated our core values and provided our team with consistent, strong and positive reinforcement of those values. The result has been an increased level of service with a more confident team that feels empowered to make decisions when dealing with our guests.”


Nyle Kelly

Guest Services Director

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