An interview with Michele Patry and Justin Tomlinson.


Q: What brought you together?


It started with an event …


Michele: Trust! It was like a blind date in the ‘world of facilitation’. Justin’s business partner, Martin, set us up to work together. His view was my expertise in unleashing individual performance and Justin’s expertise in driving organizational performance was the perfect match.
Justin: Michele and I share the same mindset about facilitation—it is not about the facilitator. For Michele it is all about the “learner”, while for me it is all about the “manager”. If an individual owns their learning and performance and managers own the the organization’s performance, then everyone wins.
Michele: Justin’s passion and global experience for helping leaders understand and value their role in the successful execution of organizational strategy and change lead me to see that a partnership would add real depth to both of our life’s work.

Q: How did BETTeRprogram come about?


Michele: The concept of ‘owning your learning’ has been an area of focus of my work for many years. I;m always looking for creative ways for my clients to apply their learning beyond the classroom. After reading “Better” by Atul Gawande, I connected with the concept that individuals aspiring to do simple things better by putting a process in place to consistently measure their progress were able to achieve significant and sustainable change in performance. The concept of doing things better, continuously learning and creating a process to measure success lead to the development of the BETTeRprogram.
Justin: Because Michele’s vision of the BETTeRprogram is so tangible, I was curious about how she was supporting her clients. Throughout my professional career, I have always viewed technology as an enabler that simplifies execution. This led me to ask, “why not add video, automate the process, and bring it on-line?” I quickly saw how the innovative application of technology would create sustainable value for our Clients.

BETTeRprogram – reinforced our connection …


Q: How’s the market responding?

Justin: I think it’s fair to say that ‘excited’ is an understatement. Our Clients see the possibilities of effecting change, applying learning and improving performance. Our job is to help them make it happen.
Michele: Our Clients are delighted by the BETTeRprogram because of it’s global reach, it’s simplicity and it’s ability to deliver personalized and measurable learning that aligns with their business needs.

They want BETTeR …


Q: How have you benefited from this partnership?


Justin: I have discovered the value of Michele’s expertise in focusing the content of the BETTeRprogram on exactly the right points and asking the right questions that result in meaningful strategic data. Together we are expanding our markets and offering our Clients more value.
Michele: Justin’s ideas put legs on the BETTeRprogram both from a deployment standpoint and an audience perspective. He broadened my focus on the value of the BETTeRprogram beyond a tool to support learning events to include the value to any stakeholders within an organization who would benefit from an extended communication loop.

BETTeR performance and results…


Q: What’s next?


The next 90 days ….


Michele: We’re definitely past the first date! It’s now about deepening our relationship, and integrating our corporate families, so to speak. As we extend BETTeRprogram’s reach, our focus is on quality, ensuring we support our clients and partners in delivering solutions that they trust will get results. We’re committed.
Justin: For ValueAdd group, our relationship with Innovative Facilitation goes beyond the BETTeRprogram. Our focus now is on continuing the integration of Innovative Facilitation’s ability to mobilize individuals with ValueAdd Groups ability to mobilize organizations. Together we are adding more value than we did apart. I guess you could call it a perfect match.

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